What are our Shutters made from?


Plantation shutters are traditionally made from a number of different types of timber. The most common timbers used are Cedar, Basswood and Poplar, all of which have excellent mechanical and joinery properties for shutter production.

For exterior shutters both Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch are ideal due to their density, dimensional stability and resistance to moisture and decay, giving long term performance and low maintenance on all exterior building and joinery applications

There are also some man-made products available from polymers to medium density fibre boards (MDF). MDF Shutters are engineered with an LVL core, LDF outer body and polymer coated in a choice of extremely durable finishes. For very low priced plantation shutters MDF is the most frequent choice, it is mainly purchased for its budget price while still maintaining its premium looks. MDF tend to be limited in its application and is heavier than traditional timer, which in certain situations can cause stress on the framework and hinges. Timber is tried and tested and certainly has the credentials of longevity unlike the synthetic products.


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