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The product – Twist™ Roller Blinds

Amazing addition to existing window coverings. Two sliding layers of fabric with sheer horizontal strips. This is the hallmark of Luxaflex® Twist™ Roller Blinds, a contemporary addition to existing styles of window coverings. It’s an amazingly simple and effective method for choosing just the right amount of incoming light and privacy.

At a glance

  • Suitable for large windows
  • Exclusive fabrics
  • Fine finish with design options

Product variations


Twist Roller Blinds Overview

Medium panels

Medium panels preventing anybody from looking in but still gives enough light.

Twist Roller Blinds Overview

Large panels

Large panels means more light and yet a feeling of privacy

Colours & materials

Extensive collection

The collection has everything from amazingly attractive uni colours to delightfully decorative fabrics.

Luxurious feel

You can opt for refined voiles or a silky fabric with a lovely luxurious feel in the open strips or the Symphony with strips in three different shades.

  • Extensive collection

    Extensive collection

  • Symphony


Special fabrics

You can choose fabrics with special structures and striped patterns.


The collection also includes fire-resistant fabrics. Your dealer will be able to help you make the right choice with our extensive collection book, which contains examples of the many dozens of fabrics available.

  • Special fabrics

    Special fabrics

  • Fire-resistant fabrics

    Fire-resistant fabrics

Personalisation options


Aluminium  style

Aluminium style

The bottom rail is styled in aluminium with rounded caps at the ends.



The standard operation is a metal chain with white tassel. Also available in optional silver metallic.

Design options

Design options

As an option it is exclusively available in a delightful aluminium design with pearl chrome finish and white, grey or black features.


Twist™ Roller Blinds

  • Alternate transparent and non-transparent panels that slide in next to one another
  • Fully adjustable: the front and reverse sides of the panel can be moved into any position in relation to one another
  • Ideal, adjustable combination between incoming light and privacy
  • The fabric is available in a wide variety of options and colours
  • Certified flame retardent fabric (FR) is also available

Contemporary styles and colours:

Luxaflex® Twist Roller Blinds are available in a wide variety of fantastic contemporary colours, patterns and degrees of transparency. Also available are fabrics with metallic thread woven into them, thereby emphasising the beautiful design

Profile and supports

The installation profiles and supports for the Luxaflex® Twist Roller Blinds are white with a metal chain and white cord weight as standard. Grey and Black installation profiles and supports are optional. The beautiful design style, consisting of a pearl chrome laquered finish with accents of white, grey or black, is also available

Panel Width

The fabrics are subdivided into medium and large panel widths. The width of the panel in the medium and large collections may vary depending on the fabric quality. The widest panels are particularly suited for large windows and create a spacious effect. Of course choice is always a matter of personal taste. The closed panels are larger than the transparent panels for both the medium and large collections, thereby preventing anybody from lookin in at all times

Twist Roller Blinds Overview Large
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